Shironuri Makeup Tutorial by Minori

Hi all,
I'm fan of Shironuri and I want to share a Makeup tutorial by Minori.
I hope you'll like it :)

                ♣.........................♣                                                              ♣..............................♣
The products that Minori uses in the video include the following:

- Mitsuyoshi Grease Paint Foundation (color #4)

- Mitsuyoshi Two-Way Cake Powder (color #00)

- Nippon Runwel Beauty Treats / Color Party Palette / Eyeshadow No. 1

- Leanani Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (brown)

- D.U.P / Eyelashes Fixer EX #552 (eyelash glue)

- Glammy Shower / Bee Heart B (color contacts)

- Vaseline Lip Cream

For More information on Minori or Shironuri culture &Minori
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Japanese reporter covering hostage swap in Turkey killed in car accident

Kazumi Takaya, a reporter for Japan's Fuji TV, and her Turkish driver were killed in a car accident on Thursday in Turkey's southeastern province of Şanlıurfa, where she travelled to cover developments on the Turkish-Syrian border as Japan is awaiting the release of a hostage captured in Syria by ISIS.

A vehicle carrying Takaya and her driver crashed into a truck while travelling along Şanlıurfa-Akçakale highway. The driver died at the scene, Takaya was taken to a nearby hospital but has died from her wounds.

A large group of journalists, many of whom are Japanese, have been waiting at Turkey's Akçakale border gate – a border crossing with Syria – for a possible hostage swap after an audio message purportedly from a Japanese journalist held by ISIS said a Jordanian air force pilot also captured by the group would be killed unless a woman jailed in Jordan was released by sunset on Thursday.

Otaru Snow Light Path Festival 2015


When is the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival?

In 2015 it will be held from February 6 (Fri) – 15 (Sun).
You can find more details on the official website.
The illumination is daily from 17:00 to 21:00.
The more popular “Sapporo Snow Festival” is usually held around the same time, so visitors can attend both festivals.
2015 the snow festival in Sapporo will be held from Feb 5-11.

There are
two main event areas: The Unga Kaijo area and the Temiyasen Kaijo area.

And for more information : http://yukiakarinomichi.org/